Coding TCL in Emacs

This is just a quick post. At work I’m having to do a lot of TCL development and having recently become a convert to Emacs I obviously want to use it for everything!

The shortcuts are a bugger to remember so I thought I’d dump them here so I know where I can find them.



M-x tcl-mode M-x inferior-tcl (C-c C-t in a Tcl source buffer) Tcl editing:

C-c TAB (tcl-help-on-word) C-c C-c (comment-region) Tcl editing support for inferior Tcl:

C-c C-t (inferior-tcl) creates one. C-c C-s (switch-to-tcl) switches to the inferior Tcl process buffer (but does not create one). C-c C-x (tcl-eval-region) C-M-x or C-c C-v (tcl-eval-defun) C-c C-f (tcl-load-file) loads a Tcl file into the inferior Tcl process

Awesome! The eval region has to be the thing I love most from writing lis pin emacs so its great to have it for TCL.

Anyhoo thats all!

Published: January 18 2012

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