Browsing the Web Emacs Style

Well I’m on this slippery slope now so I may as well enjoy it…

It seems that emacs is a virus which slowly overwrites all keyboard shortcuts in your brain with it own and then make sure your grumpy whenever you hit one of these combos in Firefox and it prints-the-page saves-an-image and-shuts-down.

Rather than deal with this issue the rational way (stop using emacs) I have been brain-damaged and thus my solution is obvious…I need an Emacs browser.

Now I know that W3 exists and is well integrated to emacs but this is a text only browser and I really need a full featured web browser. Enter Conkeror

Conkeror is quite simply a browser based on Mozilla and XULRunner where all the control can be done through the shortcuts you have had branded onto your soul by Emacs. Those who have used the Vimperator plugin for firefox will be familiar with the mouse free browsing style and those who often have to search on various sites will love the webjumps feature which allows you to define a way to quickly search a huge variety of sites from the minibuffer.

Well thats enough rabbiting for now, if your not into Emacs this browser will be of no interest to you but if you are chasing this particular dragon then go on, you know you want to.

Seeya around, Baggers

Link to Conkeror

Published: February 01 2012

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