This is just a quick check in to log some progress.

Tonight I’ve been poking around in the current event system, mainly it was cleanup but Ι also added the ability to have weak & strong subscriptions to a event node. The weak ones were neccesary to allow GC to cleanup things that were created at the REPL and are now orphaned. However for well written code that guarentees nodes are unsubscribed, the overhead of weakrefs is undesirable.

Currently nodes can also have two functions applied to them, a filter (which can stop an event propagating) and a body (which is just run with the event as an argument). These were added in a hurry so I need to go back and turn these into something sensible. I guess I will just combine them and have the result of the body be an event or nil, events get propagated, nil doesn’t.

We shall see.

Published: November 03 2015

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