As I was so late writing last week I don’t have a lot that’s new, but I need to keep the rhythm of writing these.

I have been focused on getting my maths library up to scratch. I did a bunch of work on getting the non-consing api cleaned up and merged. This involved fixing a whole host of optimization notes from the compiler. The compiler I use is pretty good at explaining where it is forced to ‘waste’ speed and why. The biggest single change was changing the return type of the vector length & distance functions to show that it could only return positive floats. That was important as the square root of a negative number is a complex number, so by indicating the functions could only be greater than 0 the compiler could ignore the complex number cases.

I also found a branch where I had started adding support for lines, rays, line-segments & axis aligned bounding boxes in ℝ3. I fixed up the line-segments & AABBs and got that merged too.

Finally I started the non-consing (destructive) version of the matrix apis. This is also on master.

Tonight I want to test the non-consing api against the consing version to make sure I haven’t introduced any bugs. I’ll then redefine the consing version using the non-consing functions to do the work. At that point I’m probably ready to stop scratching this itch and focus on graphics stuff again.


Published: February 13 2017

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