TaleSpire Dev Log 286

Hi everyone!

First, to business!

Server Maintenance

At 3am PT, we will be taking down the servers for maintenance (click here for the time in your timezone).

We are scheduling one hour for the work, but it is likely to be less than that.

This patch will complete the changes we needed to make on the backend for upcoming creature features.


Today has gone well

I’ve added a way to change your TaleSpire username…


…and a button to rename campaigns is also complete.


Both of those will be in the next patch to the game.

Ree and I spent a bunch of time testing the current TaleSpire build with the upcoming backend patch. So that should go smoothly. We rediscovered a couple of existing bugs in the process, so we’ll try to get some fixes for those in too.

I’ve also been doing some experiments with erlang so that, hopefully, more of the server updates in the future can be done with zero downtime. We’ll see how that goes :)

I think that is everything. Doing updates properly is slow as hell, but it’s fun to be getting closer.

Have a good one folks.

Published: July 15 2021

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