Adam in the wild


Today sees the forition of a very geeky dream I’ve held for a long time. The picture above is my office for the afternoon. The dappled light of the woods is so bright that I can barely make out the screen on the phone yet the Adam tablet is crystal clear. Yes I’m a geek, but I’m an outdoor geek and finally embracing both my passions at once is very cool! The setup does still needs some work however. All mainstream mobile OS’s seem designed for consumption and not really for making stuff. I guess that’s why people fawned over Garage Band for the iPad, its a slick app but it actually looks like you could make some serious music with it. Its a bit crap that this suprises people as these are computers but still I can see how this would be enough for many people: take a photo, answer a text, find a place to grab lunch…nice but not enough for me. Luckily the xda and notioninkhacks forums have some sweet efforts going on to get ubuntu on these things. Right now they are just trying to get them working side by side with android but a native install is obviously the way to go at some point. Back on the coding side of things I’ve had a quick play with ASE and touchqode. Python definately works on here and touchqode isn’t a bad editor but as my projects rely on libraries which are not pure python I’m still not abe to work on the same projects as I can on my humble netbook. So yea this is a epic step in the right direction and I’ll keep an eye out for what’s next.


Published: April 09 2011

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