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The new job is going well but has kept me busy. It’s one of those projects which grew lurchingly out of a experiment into a system whos goals keep being changed as moe information is found out.
A bit of a pain but still I’ve learnt alot. I’ll certainly be posting a good few things about making daemons in python as while there is some very good code online there are a couple of tweaks to that really help when working with multiple repositries on the same server.
I’ve also taken the time to pull down my code for pressly the python library and am reviewing what I have done so far so I can see how I am going to handle the next bit. I would like to get comments working properly and the wordpress API seems to be quite good with comments, so I will be able to employ some slightly different techniques that I have had to use so far.
Well, times’a wasting!

Published: December 10 2011

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