Great material for getting your head around quaternions

I’ve been wanting to get my head around quaternions for a long time notw but am often put off by the math heavy texts I tend to stumble upon. Luckily this time around I’ve been having more luck.

I’ll post more details on what I’m doing with this another day but I thought you peeps might find these links handy too!

Part 1 of 2 articles on the origins of complex numbers and quarternions. I find it helpful to see where a subject has come from and what the drive behind it is. Curious Quaternions Part 2 of above Ubiquitous octonions

From the same site as the last two links but give a vague idea of what these things can be used for practically Maths Goes To The Movies

This site goes through the basics you need to know to start implementing quaternions in your code. Very pragmatic and easy to follow. Also even though it says ‘cprogramming’ dont be put off, the code is near enough to pseudo-code. Quaternions and 3D Rotations

These two are useful primarily as they have some source code and easy going tone. I’m going to have a read of the rest of the site as it looks useful. 3D Programming Weekly: Quaternions 3D Programming Weekly: Quaternion Math

Cool, well thats all for now, I’ll be back with more another day. Ciao Bagley

p.s. Ooh and if you are just getting into this I heartily recommend Khan Academy’s course on Linear Algebra

Published: February 22 2012

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