Ogre And The Beauty Of Open Source

Currently I’m neglecting my other unfinished projects in favour of playing with OpenGL in common lisp.

I’ve been getting my head around lisp for a couple of months and really needed some kind of project so I could test out some of the things I had been reading about. Making some kind of visual extension to the repl sounds perfect and I’m curious to see how fast you can iterate when making games with in-line compilation.

There’s obviously a tonne of maths involved and trying to whittle down what is neccessary from all the articles online would be daunting if it wasnt for the fact that Ogre exists and is open source. I just cant get over that… Every time I open it I get the rush knowing that I can read this thing and use the knowledge I gain to go make something new, and that that is encouraged.

Well anyway thats my little vent, if you are looking at getting into games programming and you have a some programming knowledge under your belt then I heartily recommend going and reading some of their code, it’s very clean and coupled with a good book (I’m reading Game Engine Architecture at the mo) it can really illuminate how to get things done in real life.

Oh and don’t worry if you don’t know c++, neither do I…But if you have good google-foo and are used to programming you won’t have to much difficulty.


Published: May 15 2012

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