Python and Emacs

When I first started getting into using Emacs for all my editing I had major problems trying to get a decent Python setup working. I spent hours messing around on line getting nothing but a headache, it almost made me drop Emacs entirely. However after finding a couple of clearer tutorials I was able to bodge something together, but if I’m honest Its never felt good enough. Luckily it seems that some lovely soul has put together this!

In the author’s words, the goal is “collecting and customising the perfect environment for python development, using the most beautiful emacs customisation to obtain a really modern and exciting (yet stable) way to edit text files.”

Next time I do some Python hacking (i.e. when I can tear myself away from Lisp!) I’ll try this out and let you know how it went.

Hopefully this can help some other Python loving Emacs noobs get started with a really slick python environment.

In other news I’ve written a .obj file parser so I can read some 3D models into cepl (my lisp opengl experiment). I should have something to show you by the end of this week.


Published: August 12 2012

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