Stumpwm invert colors of one window

One of the last things I was missing on my new stumpwm setup was being able to invert the colors of a single window. Turns out this is not hard to do.

  1. Make a script called containing the following

#! /bin/bash

if [ "$(pidof compton)" ];
			pkill compton
			xdotool getactivewindow | xargs -I {} compton --backend glx --invert-color-include 'client={}'
  1. chmod +x

  2. Add the following to your .stumpwmrc

    (define-key root-map (kbd “C-i”) “exec /home/baggers/Code/shell/”)

Boom, done. When you click <your-prefix> C-i the currently focused windom will be inverted. Running it again disables the effect.

This is pretty hacky and I’d like to make something more integrated with stumpwm so Ι can have multiple inverted windows at a time. That will be easy enough when it comes to it, but for now this does the job.

Published: November 09 2015

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