Reading on the road


I don’t have anything to show this week as I have been travelling for the last few days. However this has given me loads of time to read so I’ve had my face in PBR articles almost constantly.

I started off with this one ‘moving frostbite to pbr’ but whilst it is awesome I found it really hard to understand without knowing more of the fundamentals.

I had already looked at this which was a fantastic intro the subject.

After this I flitted between a few more articles but got stuck quite often, the issue I had was finding articles that bridged the gap between theory and practical. The real breakthrough for me was reading these two posts from

After these two I hada much better feel of what was going on and then was able to get much further in this article from Epic on the Unreal Engine’s use of PBR

Now this one I probably should have read sooner, but it was still felt good to go through this again with what I had gained from the Epic paper.

And finally I got back to the frostbite paper which is outstanding but took a while to absorb. I know I’m going to be looking at this one a lot over the coming months.

That’s all from me, seeya folks.

Published: June 21 2016

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