This week I have been kind of working on the data-structure thing I mentioned last week.

The reason that it is ‘kind of’ is that I am having a big problem focusing on actually coding it. Over the course of the weekend I procrastinated my way into watching 3 movies rather than coding.

It is an odd one as I love the idea of the project, I want it to exist and (at least in the abstract) I am really interested in the implementation. However, for whatever reason, I am just struggling to stay focused when coding the damn thing. I haven’t pinned down what the issue is, but if I do I’ll report it here.

OK so what did I do?

  • A bunch of small benchmarks to prove premise to myself
  • Defined the base types
  • Worked out how the live redefining of types will work.
  • Started work on record types (which will be the types of the columns of the tables)

The third one took the most time as I want both the old and new type to exist simultaneously, this will allow me to create the type and then sweep through the existing tables to try and upgrade them to the new type. If this fails for some (or the users halts it for some reason) then we can still keep working with both the old and new types. I had to prove to myself that I could do this in a way that wouldn’t just pollute the namespaces with crazy numbers of types & functions.

Another great side effect of this is that we can compile the types and functions with optimization set to high, this gives us the most accurate picture of how our code will behave when we ship it. We can do this as only the tables implementation calls these functions or uses these types directly, so there is almost no place that this will cause the user issues (unless they go out of their way to do that).

Sadly that’s all for this week. Let’s hope next week goes a little better

Published: November 15 2016

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