As I wrote so late last week I haven’t got too much to add here, however I have made progress on tweak.

The goal is to be able to inspect & change data easily while the program is running. You wrap a form in (tweak ..) and you get a small window (rendered using gl via nuklear) which allows you too mess with the value.

For example given this:

(defparameter *some-val* 10)

You can write this in the main body code

(tweak *some-color*)

And you get this:

And if you scrub the value it immediately applies to the form you are tweaking. You can define different tweak ui’s for different lisp types so extending will be easy. I still need to add a couple of helpers for that though.

Other than that I made a little companion library to SDL-TTF which allows people to render text straight to CEPL textures. So this:

(with-font (font "/usr/share/fonts/truetype/dejavu/DejaVuSans.ttf")
  (text-to-tex "Yo!" font (v! 1 0 0 1)))

Gives you a texture with the text.

That’s the lot I’m afraid. Time for sleep.

Published: February 26 2017

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