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From Sunday to Wednesday I was away on Brussels at the European Lisp Symposium. It’s an opportunity to see good talks but more importantly to me it’s a catch up with some folks I haven’t seen in a year and nerd out.

Aside from that I’ve been cracking away at getting sketch working using CEPL under the hood. It’s rendering using lisp shaders now and live recompile works great. There has been a slight performance drop as sketch used buffer object streaming to upload the vertices and I’m not doing that yet. In fact CEPL doesn’t expose glMapBufferRange at all so first order of business is fixing that. After that I want to make a vertex-ring it’s going to be an object that encapsulates the buffer object streaming pattern and will make using it seamless.

I have also been working on fixes to Varjo that will finally get Geometry shaders working. The task for the last few days has been rewriting how Varjo handles return & making Varjo use interface blocks for passing data between stages. The reason for working on return (apart from it being buggy) was that in geometry shaders your primary task is to ‘emit’ extra geometry rather than ‘returning’ transformed data via the out vars.

I’m hoping that this weekend I can get those two things coded and tested. After that I need to look at the Geometry shaders themselves, I know there are some ugly details around ins & outs so wish me luck.

Published: April 07 2017

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