This weekend I put a bit of time into Sketch which I, to my shame, have not worked on in a while. Sketch is a lovely project by Vydd which looks to sit in a similar place to processing, but in the lisp world.

A while back I was approach to look into porting it to CEPL so we could have the shader development process of CEPL in Sketch. We started by monkey-patching CEPL in which provided a fantastic test case for performance and resulted in some big refactoring and wins back in July.

Sketch was previously built on the excellent sdl2kit but there aren’t enough hooks in the projects to have them work together yet so I’m currently replacing the bootstrapping. I stripped down a bunch of code and have a test which shows things are rendering so that’s a start. However CEPL’s support for multiple contexts is untested so this project is really gonna force me to implement that well which is AWESOME. Incidentally sketch was the project that forced me to add CEPL’s multi window support (which will also get more robust as I port this).

Other than that I’m busy with other projects and ideas that may become stuff in the future, I’ve got so much to learn :) This last week has seen me binging on xerox parc related research talks (mainly smalltalk stuff) which has been building up a nice healthy level of dissatisfaction. I have proto-ideas rocking around with big ol’ gaps in their narratives, so I’m just pushing a load of chunks of software dna into my head in the hope of some aberrant collision will result in some useful mental genesis will occur. TLDR feed brain hope to shit ideas.

That’ll do for this post.


Published: September 25 2017

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