TaleSpire Dev Daily 19

Hmm today is a weird one to write up. On one had I made some progress on little tasks which are too specific to be worth expanding and on the other I found some rather annoying consequences of the fog of war implementation.

It all basically boils down to the current constraints result in some unintuitive or slightly sub-par experience and fixing them is fiddly. I want to do a big ol’ breakdown on this but I want to leave it until at least tomorrow as @jonnyree and I are going to have a planning meeting on this tomorrow.

This may result in a relatively large change so, given how little time we have left this year, we really need to nail down something that can work for the alpha and then stick with it.

This doesn’t stop us rewriting it during the alpha but that would make mean less user testing of each implementation which means less data and time to work with.

Trade-offs are.. well, a thing.

On that very insubstantial note,


Published: October 25 2018

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