TaleSpire Dev Daily 41

Well, to balance out the successful days, there is today. Today I had a issue when some of the rush to get features written had resulted in some code that was harder to deal with that it needed to be. ‘No worries’ I think I’ll just refactor XYZ and this task should be easy… 12 hours later and I can barely remember what the issue was that motivated the refactor. I have essentially spent a whole day for a questionable gain when time is what I have least of right now.

So yeah, that’s not a great day. At this point its probably worth just pushing through and finishing up the cleanups. Hopefully the changes are worth it, but if I were to do it again I’d probably have just shut my face and kept hacking until the alpha was out.

Let’s see if I’ve learned a lesson.

Until next time


Published: November 26 2018

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