TaleSpire Dev Daily 54

It’s a quick post as I’m still working for an hour or so.

Save & sync on exit is working fine now. I made a few changes on the backend to support user aliases that are separate from signin_names (for those in future who will log in without using something like steam). Aliases are allowed to clash with the aliases of others (like profile name in steam).

I’m close with the steam signin but there is something I’m missing as I’m getting an error message back from steam on the server side. I’ll get it soon but it may be tomorrow as I’m running out of hours for today :(

C’est la vie.

Back to work.

[EDIT 23:07]: It works! well, it crashes past the point where Steam has accepted the token, so yay. Login will be done real damn soon :)

Published: December 16 2018

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