TaleSpire Dev Daily 60

Hey again, I’ve not written for a few days as it would have been a ‘still working on the same thing’ post.

I’m done with the issues with unique creatures for now. As ever it doesn’t feel like it’s in its final form but it’ will certainly address a few of the issues:

  • When a player joins a board their permissions over unique creatures were not always maintained
  • Uniques spawned into unsynced board disappeared on first sync
  • Only first GM gets the unique creature panel populated
  • Renaming unique creatures doesn’t update the UI promptly

This stuff should be in the next update and we hope to get that out soon. That (if all goes well) should coincide with the next batch of invites. The backend has been fine with the first batch and with the bugs we have fixed recently it makes sense to get more folks in.

I’m going to pick a few simpler tickets now so I can get through a bunch over the coming days. Along with that I need to do some work on the client so we can support ‘props’ that are separate from tiles. More news on that soon as it should be a fun one :)

Ok folks, until next time.

Published: January 23 2019

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