TaleSpire Dev Log 73

Allo again, back with more of today’s messing around.

In the morning as planned I fixed the case where the Attack prompt remains if figurine is removed before confirming request . During the testing I found that there was a case where you could get the following.

  • Gm0, Gm1 and Player0 join
  • Gm0 adds Creature0 & Creature1
  • Player0 tries to attack Creature1 with Creature0 and the UI appears to indicate that the attack is waiting on approval
  • On Gm0 & Gm1’s clients the UI appears to approve of decline the attack
  • Gm0 approves the attack
  • The UI disappears on Gm0 & Player0’s clients
  • The UI is erroneously still visible on GM1’s client

This was relatively easy to fix but testing took a while as after each attempt the build has to be copied to a couple of machines to test all 3 connections.

After that I added some platform specific code for controlling the hardware cursor so we can start tackling this issue.

Okidokey that’s all for today. Tomorrow I start with a bug where deleting a creature can cause subtle issues with the turn based line-up ui and.. well then I’ll grab another from the pile.


Published: February 25 2019

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