TaleSpire Dev Log 75

Hi again,

Today I finished testing the fixes for initiative mode (known in game as ‘combat mode’ right now). I want to get a new update out very soon so we can get these fixes in your hands.

I then fixed a few UI issues that were arising when additional GMs were joining the board during a battle. One was simply the new GM’s UI was in the wrong mode. Another was that, upon entering battle mode they were immediately kicked to the UI for editing the lineup.. this was confusing more than anything else.

We’ve also had another little planning meeting and I’m hoping we can give you lots of reasons to be checking these updates over the next month a bit leading up to the kickstarter :)

Back tomorrow with more bits and bobs.


This dev log can also be found at https://bouncyrock.com/news/articles/talespire-dev-log-75

Published: March 05 2019

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