TaleSpire Dev Log 99

Good evening folks.

Not much to report today I was mainly working on a redesign to how tiles, props, pathfinding and zones work, so pretty fundamental. This stuff has been rolling around my head for a month or so but today a bunch of ideas arrived pretty fully formed which was nice. I’m not going to go into detail yet as I’ve still got to work on how I want to identify tiles across the network and how to handle multiple people placing tiles in the same place in the new approach.

Tomorrow I have a day off but I’ll be back around over the weekend (hopefully with the next little update) and I’ll keep working on these ideas alongside the regular feature work. We aren’t rushing this fundamental stuff as it’s more important to me that the alpha is a picture of our intent before the kickstarter, rather than trying to nail down final versions of various internal systems.


Published: April 18 2019

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