TaleSpire Dev Log 102

Heya folks, Baggers here.

It’s been a few days since the last dev log so here’s a quick update.

I’ve been working on the new prop system and have got it into our master branch. At this point building/creature-dodging/syncing all technically works but it feels bad right now. As I’ve been head-butting props for a little while I decided to take a day off from that and I’ve started looking at copying selections of tiles. Here’s a little gif of the start:


Now as usual just because it looks like a significant part of the feature is done does not mean that it is, this was 10 minutes of work, the hard part is still to come :) However it’s under way and once we can get multi-tile placement working it opens up a lot of potential features, for example sharing small chunks of boards.

I also wanted to take a moment to talk about what my priorities are on the code side right now. The goal is to keep giving you folks nice small things before the kickstarter. A lot of the more fundamental fixes require work that would take over a month to complete and it doesn’t feel awesome to be stopping updates in the lead up to the event that really decided whether we get to keep making this for you or not (especially as without funding we won’t be able to finish the big fixes anyway).

The bug reporting you have been doing is invaluable and we are so grateful so many of you have written up such excellent reports on github. The big stuff will be fixed but first we need give a bit of the ol’ razzle dazzle :D

As ever, we are around most days on the discord so do stop by and poke us if there is anything on your minds,


Published: May 03 2019

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