TaleSpire Dev Log 105 - Revenge of the return of the reawakening of the dev log

Hello! we return to our intrepid dev log with the least dev’y dev log of them all.

Today I’ve re-read all of the #feature-request channel and broken it down into 150 (suspiciously round but that was the actual number) separate requests.

Ree and I then filtered them into piles of things we will be doing, things that will be addressed in some other form and things that don’t fit TaleSpire.

That list was then pounded with hammers until merged with our internal feature list and a Kickstarter feature list was born! This is one of the main things we’ll be talking about in the dev stream we are hosting tomorrow. You can find the event for that here

I’ve then continuing to prepare for the stream. It’s nice to see this taking shape and I’m looking forward to sharing all this stuff with you tomorrow.

Until then


Published: May 21 2019

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