TaleSpire Dev Log 109

Heya folks, @Baggers here again,

I didn’t write a log last night as what I thought was a quick nap on the sofa turned into the kind of sedation usually reserved for surgery.

On Friday I wrapped up the experiments I was doing with resource loading in Unity. I was able to load the icons and index of assets at startup which significantly dropped the pause at first campaign load. The branch i was doing the experiments on is rather a mess so I’ll need to clean that up but it looks promising.

I also took the morning to take on some contracting work. I’ve done these very rarely since starting on TaleSpire but it keeps bread on the table. Here’s to the Kickstarter making that unnecessary :)

Behind the scenes @Ree has been doing great work on the campaign trailer and the assets and tech surrounding that.

Right, back to the weekend!


Published: June 01 2019

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