TaleSpire Dev Log - 18 hours until the Kickstarter

So here we are! The clock ticks and, baring any disaster, in the next 18 hours the Kickstarter will go live.

We are currently beavering away shining edges and triple checking wording.

It’s an odd feeling to be this close to finding out the world makes of this but it’s a privilege to be here.

Thank you to everyone that showed us that they were interested in this. Thank you to the alpha testers who delved deep and proved the limitations of the systems And thank you to you for reading these little posts.

The new day is upon us, The gates are soon to open, Let us see what is on the other side

Warmest Regards,

Dwarf, Baggers & Ree (The rather sleepy Bouncyrock crew)

Published: June 23 2019

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