TaleSpire Dev Log 119

Hello folks,

Research continues and, for now, that isn’t giving me much to show so I took an hour out to explore a requested feature: NDI Support.

NDI is a standard that lets applications deliver video streams via a local area network. For us, we are interested in being able to take these video feeds and use them in TaleSpire. This originally came up as a request from the community as it is apparently a popular way for streamers to integrate video (such as their player’s skype chat) into their streams.

It sounded cool and luckily where is already a Unity package available for working with NDI. It worked like a charm so HUGE props to keijiro for that great work.

This was a very limited test but it is encouraging. We would need to do a bunch more work to be comfortable shipping this and we wouldnt want to mess with the roadmap we have promised the Kickstarter backers. All that said this was a fun test and one I’m excited to revisit if it makes sense later on.

That’s all for now



Published: July 22 2019

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