TaleSpire Dev Log 161

Things have been going really well.

The rewrites to fix the fundamental bugs are done, and I’ve been chasing down lots of regular bugs, mistake, typos, and other fuckups :)

It feels really nice to be back in a place where each issue is somewhat contained. A bunch are, naturally, related changes for the bug fix; however, as I’ve tracked each one down, it’s been more “Oh, of course” or “Why am I such a muppet”, rather than “Ah shit”. PROGRESS!

My plan for this next week is twofold. Firstly I’m going to spend some time finding and squashing the most obvious bugs, and then I’ll look at getting merged into master.

It’s looking likely that Ree and I are going to be able to meet up again soon. That’s going to be a bunch of fun as we’ll get to work on a lot of very user-facing stuff, and we’ll be inching closer to the build we’ll ship for the beta. Can’t wait!

Ok, that’s all for now.

Have a good one.

Published: March 02 2020

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