TaleSpire Dev Log 175

Yesterday didn’t bring too much new from me. I submitted the potential bug to Unity, pushed out our release, and then spent most of the day catching up with social media and discord posts.

Today I’m going to try staring at the ‘delete tiles coming back on reload/copy’ bug and see if I can make any headway on it. It’s a real nightmare of a bug as it’s hard to reproduce, and it seems to be about something that isn’t happening. It’s not throwing any apparent errors and doesn’t show up until way after the presumed event. I’m not expecting to find it today, but maybe I can rule out some potential causes.

I hope you have a good day folks!

p.s. A note to people thinking of doing the indy game thing. Do not underestimate the amount of time it takes to write updates, handle support tickets, keep up to date with your community, and do the business stuff. It’s a privilege to have these ‘problems,’ but writing updates will take you longer than coding some features :p The less of you there are, the more time you’ll each be spending. Shout-out to Ree & Dwarf who’ve handled all the support tickets and business-ness while doing all their other jobs too.

Published: April 29 2020

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