TaleSpire Dev Log 216


This looks like nothing. If you used TaleSpire, you’ve seen this a thousand times. For me however, this is great. The fact it looks the same means the following:

  • Spaghet’s realtime scripts are being controlled correctly by the state-machine scripts
  • The custom animation system is working
  • The new batching system is working
  • All the work from the last week to replace the old physics engine has paid off. If you can pick a tile (which we are), then the raycasts are working.

This has been a slog. Any time you have multiple days without being able to start the game, it’s mentally draining, and these last weeks have been tough. There are piles of issues still[0], but I think I might be through the worst part.

Have a great weekend everyone

[0] To name just one, mesh colliders aren’t properly oriented

p.s. I’ll be offline for the next few days as I’ll be off recharging in the country somewhere :)

Published: August 21 2020

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