TaleSpire Dev Log 271

Heya folks,

A quick update for today. It’s been a great week for bug fixes and content.

The art team just landed the ‘Siege of the Cackling Horde’ pack. I saw the trailer the same time as you folks, so I was giddy :D Sometimes being involved in a thing means you have seen the whole messy process of bringing it to life, and it’s hard not to see the flaws. Just seeing the result is wild as you get to be surprised by it all. I love it.

The next bugs I’ll be tacking are around markers as they are not syncing correctly at the moment. I hope to have them working again early next week.

I’ve also got a server patch to finish, improving how we handle changelogs and client error logging. The latter is just about organizing the data we already have, but it should mean I can track down erroring boards without having to bother as many players.

However, first, it’s the weekend. So I wish you well and will see you next week with more fixes and features!


Published: April 24 2021

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