TaleSpire Dev Log 315

Heya folks!

As you’d expect, I’ve been working on HeroForge stuff.

I carried on with metadata integration into the conversion process. Most of Monday was messing around with HeroForge and looking at what kinds of scales, bases, etc., we get for different builds.

I had a few questions about some values in the metadata, so I sent off an email to HeroForge and, as always, got a quick response. So I know what to mess with next.

I had some time before the response came, however, so I did some work on internal tools. I resurrected some unfinished code for managing the news feed.

Both the news feed tooling and the HeroForge code required patching the backend, so I did that too (yay erlang live patching)

That’s all from me for today,

Have a good one!

p.s. Amongst a ton of other work, Ree has got a few bug-fixes/tweaks written, so I’ll probably put out an update tomorrow with those and the fix to the “names of hidden creature incorrectly visible to players” bug.

Published: January 11 2022

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