TaleSpire Dev Log 387

Hi folks,

I’ve been enjoying a dip out of public view for the last month. I had two weeks off (which I spent fixing up stuff at home), and then I’ve been quietly plugging away at TaleSpire. It’s been nice, but I’m back to the dev logs again.

A lot has been happening, but today’s dev log is short to get me back into the rhythm.

Yesterday was spent working on UI, which will show before and during maintenance. We’ve got a lot of stuff to ship this year, both front-end and back-end, and we want to work towards that being less janky.

It’s nothing exciting, but here is the ticker that appears periodically before maintenance to let you know what is upcoming:

in-game upcoming maintenance ticker

The ticker shows briefly once an hour for the few hours leading up to the event. It transitions to a permanent message bar in the last 20 minutes and then finally into a modal window for the duration of the update itself.

Naturally, there is also UI on the login screen.

Symbiotes are dangerously close to being released. We will have an alpha as soon as we can pull together the last UI and legal bits. If you are wondering how it took so much longer than we were saying previously… yeah, that’s a tale too. I’ll get that down in a dev-log in this next week.

Anyhoo, I best get back to it.


Disclaimer: This DevLog is from the perspective of one developer. So it doesn’t reflect everything going on with the team

Published: June 08 2023

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