From the Burrow

TaleSpire Dev Daily 41

2018-11-26 23:14:12 +0000

Well, to balance out the successful days, there is today. Today I had a issue when some of the rush to get features written had resulted in some code that was harder to deal with that it needed to be. ‘No worries’ I think I’ll just refactor XYZ and this task should be easy… 12 hours later and I can barely remember what the issue was that motivated the refactor. I have essentially spent a whole day for a questionable gain when time is what I have least of right now.

So yeah, that’s not a great day. At this point its probably worth just pushing through and finishing up the cleanups. Hopefully the changes are worth it, but if I were to do it again I’d probably have just shut my face and kept hacking until the alpha was out.

Let’s see if I’ve learned a lesson.

Until next time


TaleSpire Dev Daily 40

2018-11-23 20:12:59 +0000

As promised the video of hammering the networked undo/redo. It’s pretty stable in the video but I do have one bug in that system that I’m going to fix tomorrow (looks like a simple mistake in when updating the history stack, nothing too worrying).

Today has been focused on asset deleting and making sure that all the subsystems that have to hold references to board assets (like tiles) release them if the asset is deleted. An couple of hours was spent on refactoring the multi-select tool in my ongoing (entirely wholesome) love affair with state machines, its a good deal more robust now and the code to release delete assets is much faster. That latter part is important as any time you have a selection someone else might delete some or all of the tiles you have selected.

There is still a lot more I can get out of this speed-wise but it’s not wise to spend more time there given that it’s not yet an issue and there is so much to get done for the alpha.

On that subject, work continues. I’m up to 128 tickets on github :p but having gone through the codebase I feel the number of engine related tickets are not going to grow violently more before we release. Lots for the UI though :)

Right. I’m off to chill and watch ‘an american werewolf in london’, such a classic!


TaleSpire Dev Daily 39

2018-11-22 23:26:36 +0000

Happily it’s all still going well. I started the day switching the board syncing from http to https, a small task but of course it’s very important. The only reason it hadn’t been done already what that things were being built quickly to test the mechanism. I’ll ramble on about my future plans regarding security another day.

Thanks to some recent changes to the board-asset code we now know the place the pieces will land the moment they are released by the player. This lets us start the fog of war update a few frames earlier which makes things feel snappier.

Also thanks to @jonnyree adding drag-select I added deletion of multiple tiles. It feels so good to crazily mash ctrl-z and ctrl-y on one client and see that the result is totally stable on the other. I know of a few places where things could go wrong though so I am fixed them up tomorrow.

I’ll post a video of the undo/redo tomorrow too, even though it’s doing what it has to do I’m still stoked to see it doing it so well :)

Alright, time to hit the hay.


TaleSpire Dev Daily 38

2018-11-21 17:38:38 +0000

Today went pretty well. I mainly focused on adding invite codes for campaigns. This simply gives you a shortcode that your friends can paste into TaleSpire to join your otherwise hidden campaign.

We will add other ways of doing this post alpha but to start with this will be how it works. It makes it quite easy to drop the code into your discord chat and have everyone join pretty quickly. It also avoids that thing skype has where they allow everyone to query all other users by name when adding a contact.. gross.

We are pretty adamant about not being like social platforms which try to push events in your face in order to drive ‘engagement’, so whatever we add to this in future will need to maintain the goal of keeping TS polite.

Other that the above as miscellaneous fixes, I also went through the code base filing tickets for every todo I had so now I hope I have a slightly more complete view of what I need to do for the alpha release.

Until tomorrow, peace.

TaleSpire Dev Daily 37

2018-11-20 16:33:08 +0000

I started out the day with 65 tickets, I closed 8, so now I have 66 tickets. Yay programming :D

Just to be clear, this is just due to filing thing as I came upon them rather than breaking more things. So yup, it’s been a good day.

I’m not sure how interesting tickets like these are to anyone, but it’s stuff like:

  • adding ‘delete board’
  • session keep-alive
  • fixes for silly ux things (focusing on the piece every time you pick it up)
  • staying in ‘cutscene mode’ (to stop players moving pieces) until a Gm has joined the session

.. and even more specific stuff.

It’s all stuff that obviously needed doing they are all low risk tickets so they got left until more of the major system had been worked out.

Right time to go see some mates,

Seeya all!

TaleSpire Dev Daily 36

2018-11-19 21:15:57 +0000

After a couple of days of quiet I’m back. Saturday I was just tired and Sunday I wasn’t working due to a headache (probably just a bit overloaded).

Today has gone well. I’ve just spent it working through small issues. Changes to information passed back at login, syncing on exit, fixes to tile visibility after a build action, and more stuff.

Tomorrow I’m either going to hammer on with more tickets from the pile (there are plenty) or I’ll look at the synchronizing of the fog of war information. The serializing of that fog of war info is super simple but, as multiple players can ‘own’ the same creature, I need to have a think about who is in charge of calculating that stuff. Probably fine to just pick something dirt simple like ‘the player with the lowest player id’. We can always revisit this.

Alrighty, time for a drink.

TaleSpire Dev Daily 35

2018-11-17 00:01:13 +0000

Allo again,

Today I was working on the cutscene system and it was much more involved than expected. In short the reason was that it touched on a whole bunch of logic and UI code that (as it was a prototype) had never been written expecting multiple GMs.

Damn I just realized that’s pretty much all there is to say about it without having to rambling on about pointless minutia..bummer :D

Guess that’s it then! Tomorrow I’ll be traveling in the morning but then will probably look into refactoring the GM request UI. Should be some fun edge cases in that.


TaleSpire Dev Daily 34

2018-11-16 00:27:02 +0000

It’s a little past midnight but who cares, it’s been a great day.

Jonny has got the basics of the new placement code working. It’s now much easier to move pieces under overhangs regardless of if they are on the same floor or not. He also got drag-select in so I will hook that up in a few days so we can delete/move multiple tiles.

I’ve been working on the game state and player handling code. It’s now much more reliable and a fair bit cleaner. This work makes sure that if ‘host’ (the client tasked with syncing to the server) leaves that the job is passed to another client.

I’ve also started work on supporting having the same user logged into multiple clients simultaneously. In the future this could allow us to provide additional tools that hook into the current play session.

It’s hard to stress how much nitty gritty stuff has been, if not implemented, at least properly speced out for the release. I’m stoked for the next 2 weeks of progress.

G’night folks.

TaleSpire Dev Daily 33

2018-11-14 23:45:06 +0000

Hi again folks,

I’m down at @jonnyree’s place right now for a couple of days hacking on TaleSpire and it’s been going great. We have been going through the features that will be in the alpha and making decisions of behaviors that, up to now, were a bit vague. That has unblocked a bunch of tickets so they are all on my todo list for the next couple of weeks (not that I have been short of work).

Currently I’m fixing some bugs by setting up some simple state machines for managing the current game mode and client state. This just makes some things more explicit and makes the transitions between the states very explicit.

Tomorrow I’ll switch from this onto the rewrite of the placement code. This is the bit that handles the behavior of picking up and moving pieces. Naturally it’s critical to nail the feeling here as it’s its your primary interaction with the game. It seems like you could just attach the piece like a pendulum and let physics drive the experience but nope :) Lot’s a pair programming will be on the cards.

Alright, that’s the lot for tonight.


TaleSpire Dev Daily 32

2018-11-12 23:20:26 +0000

Good evening! Today I got the multiplayer undo/redo code merged in, fixed some bugs related to NetworkIDs for objects and started planning the code to handle host migration.

Tomorrow’s task will be to finish of the aforementioned plan and get as much of it implemented as possible. The goal there is just making sure the game knows what to do when players with specific roles leave or join and how to migrate responsibilities as it happens.

On Wednesday I’m back visiting @jonnyree where we have a of tonne planning to do (especially around gameplay behaviors for the alpha) and we need to make a solid foundation for the new piece placement code. This is one area where the feel is super important so it’s best for us to pair up on that.

As every we’ll be keeping you posted as this progresses.