From the Burrow

TaleSpire Dev Log 77

2019-03-07 00:20:01 +0000

Today I was looking into a couple of features that have been on the wishlist for a while, deleting campaigns and focusing on history events. The video above shows the WIP of the latter.

That bit is nearly done but I need to tweak how I’m handling doors/props etc. Shouldn’t take much longer though.

The delete campaign feature is done except for an annoying UI issue but that just down to my infamiliarity with the system, I’ll bug @Ree about it soon and we’ll have it done in a jiffy.

Hopefully this will mean a new update by the latest Monday.

Time to sign off.


TaleSpire Dev Log 76

2019-03-05 23:37:01 +0000

Update time again folks! Fire up steam to grab the latest fixes

We are looking to up the pace of the updates over the coming weeks so keep an eye out for new prototypes and features to play with.

This little bugfix update contains:

  • A fix to sync the ‘initiative mode’ lineup when a player joins
  • Ensure additional GMs end up in the correct game mode when joining when the game is in progress
  • A fix so that deleting the creature whose turn it is, correctly sets the next creature as active
  • A fix to the undo shortcut so it doesn’t also select the next asset in the group when building.
  • GMs no longer jump straight into the ‘edit lineup’ tool when switching to initiative mode.

Back soon with more!

TaleSpire Dev Log 75

2019-03-05 00:19:05 +0000

Hi again,

Today I finished testing the fixes for initiative mode (known in game as ‘combat mode’ right now). I want to get a new update out very soon so we can get these fixes in your hands.

I then fixed a few UI issues that were arising when additional GMs were joining the board during a battle. One was simply the new GM’s UI was in the wrong mode. Another was that, upon entering battle mode they were immediately kicked to the UI for editing the lineup.. this was confusing more than anything else.

We’ve also had another little planning meeting and I’m hoping we can give you lots of reasons to be checking these updates over the next month a bit leading up to the kickstarter :)

Back tomorrow with more bits and bobs.


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TaleSpire Dev Log 74

2019-03-02 00:53:08 +0000

It’s late but I don’t want to skip this today so here we go.

Today I’ve mainly been focusing on bugs relating to the order of creatures in the battle-mode (also called initiative-mode) lineup. One such issue can be found here.

The main one from today was fixing the behavior when the currently active creature is deleted as control passed not being passed to the next in the list. I fixed that but I have seen a number of issues and I’ll need to test those pretty thoroughly before I’m happy to push this out. This code feels like a place where it is very easy to introduce regressions.

I’m hoping I’ll get the majority of the related issues cleaned up on Monday so we can push another update asap.

We actually have a bunch of asset changes too so we’d like to get those out soon too. These changes flesh out the various asset collections to match the tiles available in the test tile set.

Time to sleep, gotta get up early to watch the SpaceX RD1 launch tomorrow morning :)


TaleSpire Dev Log 73

2019-02-25 18:10:31 +0000

Allo again, back with more of today’s messing around.

In the morning as planned I fixed the case where the Attack prompt remains if figurine is removed before confirming request . During the testing I found that there was a case where you could get the following.

  • Gm0, Gm1 and Player0 join
  • Gm0 adds Creature0 & Creature1
  • Player0 tries to attack Creature1 with Creature0 and the UI appears to indicate that the attack is waiting on approval
  • On Gm0 & Gm1’s clients the UI appears to approve of decline the attack
  • Gm0 approves the attack
  • The UI disappears on Gm0 & Player0’s clients
  • The UI is erroneously still visible on GM1’s client

This was relatively easy to fix but testing took a while as after each attempt the build has to be copied to a couple of machines to test all 3 connections.

After that I added some platform specific code for controlling the hardware cursor so we can start tackling this issue.

Okidokey that’s all for today. Tomorrow I start with a bug where deleting a creature can cause subtle issues with the turn based line-up ui and.. well then I’ll grab another from the pile.


TaleSpire Dev Log 72

2019-02-24 19:00:19 +0000

A quick sunday update for you.

Today I’ve been looking at this issue and looking into how best to tackle it. I’ve come up with a fix I’ll be coding and testing tomorrow morning but the issue was interesting as it gave me a change to look at the GM Request code with fresh eyes. Once again I’m seeing places where an effort to keep things extensible for an uncertain future has really just led to a more complicated system than neccessary (or rather one that has needed patching to line up with the actual behaviour we wanted later). I’ll definitely be looking at making this dumber in future.

This post is super vague :D but explaining the details (in this case) doesnt bring with it any cool takeaways.

Seeya tomorrow!

TaleSpire Dev Log 71

2019-02-21 22:06:06 +0000

Progress has been unexciting but continuous. I’ve pushed the changes that reveal corners of boards correctly in player mode. It does reveal a little too much but this will be fixed in future when the resolution of the ‘fog of war’ datastructure is increased.

Today I added the class for prop assets and refactored the building/serializing/etc code to handle this new asset kind. This being seperate now lets us at unique logic for these assets. We have experimented with having props temporarily ‘dodge’ out of the way of creatures and also be able to be places and rotated with more fine grain control than of tiles. Those experiments can now we ironed out and made part of the shipping game!

@Ree, whilst ill, has put a bunch of time into the changes we need to be able to more reliably get the invite emails passed filters. More on this soon.

I’m not going to be around on friday but will be working on Sunday instead so hopefully I’ll have another post for you then.


TaleSpire Dev Log 70

2019-02-20 00:43:51 +0000

Evening folks,

I’ve been messing around with fog of war and whilst it’s not there yet there has been progress.

The task right now if fixing this issue. The short version of the problem is that we have a data-structure that describes where has be uncovered (we call this a creature’s ‘memory’) and we have to sample it to see if a tile is visible. We can’t just sample in the center as maybe a tile is multiple units wide and only the corner has been revealed. We also can’t just sample at the center of each sub-tile as we get situations like this

____|| _____

Where A is a wall and floor tile and B is just a floor tile. If B has been revealed then we have to see the wall (otherwise users get confused as to if it’s the end of the board or if it’s a hidden tile). This means sampling slightly outside of the bounding box of the tile. However this still can cause issues, such as the one linked above.

I played around with a few more schemes but today swapped it out with a mechanism that does a breadth first search of all the nodes within a bounds in the creature’s ‘memory’. This has a more expensive worst case than the other approaches, but the tests were seeming to show that to take enough samples for a good result we would be paying a pretty high cost anyway. The creature memory is stored in a quadtree so in many cases the search can succeed early as we don’t have to search the full depth to find a populated cell.

I haven’t got anything more today so I’ll bail now and give ya more news soon.


TaleSpire Dev Daily 69

2019-02-14 23:17:05 +0000

It’s that time again, today was spent:

  • Finishing off the fix for If GM permissions are rescinded while any GM-only UI is visible, they stay on-screen
  • Case where game spuriously entered cutscene mode when GM rights were removed from a player
  • Initiative mode wasn’t updating the edit UI for remote GMs when local GM changed the line-up
  • Reordering of lineup was not handled correctly in the edit UI
  • Fix UIList’s Clear method which was causing order issues when new elements were added.

Tomorrow I think I’m going to look at that fog of war issue causing corners not to appear. The first part is visualizing the points that are sampled for fog of war info and then we’ll see where the bug takes us.


TaleSpire Dev Log 68

2019-02-13 23:55:51 +0000

Today I fixed the issue that all GM shared one flashlight. I also started looking into this issue where removing GM permission from a player doesn’t close some of the GM UI they have open. I think I’m on the right track with that one so hopefully I’ll have that one done in the first few hours tomorrow.

Alright that’s the most interesting stuff.