DSLs In Common Lisp

I have just started looking for resources on writing domain specific languages in common lisp and stumbled upon this excellent video by Rainer Joswig on the subject. He gives a quick run through and his explanations (as always with Rainer) are clear and illuminating.

I’m also buzzing at the idea of eventually getting my brain into a place where I move as naturally through a problem as Rainer shows in this video. All to often I feel the apprehension caused by not remembering just to let go and just start writing…I guess this affects all disciplines in some form or another but I am beginning to appreciate how differently I can code in Lisp to how I did in Python for example.

How much is down to the language and how much is just me developing as a programmer remains to be seen but it certainly feels different.

Enjoy the video.

Published: October 22 2012

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