Ubuntu and Nexus7

Given the above blurry video of Ubuntu on the Nexus 7 and knowing that in it’s current state, it will be bug ridden, unoptimised and dangerous to ones sanity, why would someone go shell out £170 for one?

Well I just have so let me explain my logic! I use android, I like it, I have no hatred of Apple or Google but while I have moved more of my computing life into software that is open, I have moved more of my personal life into services which are not.

This has been growing on my mind more and more lately and while I’m not ready to completely pull myself from these services I do know that I must start looking. There have been plenty of news stories recently which should serve as warning to where these services are heading and the kind of problems which will increasingly arise.

My phone is my biggest and most continuous link to proprietary services, namely google mail, search, maps, etc. By following along with the development of Ubuntu on mobile devices I hope I can lay the groundwork for my own move to an open source based mobile life.

Again I don’t believe that Google are using my data for malevolent purposes…But I do believe that as the market place changes companies try and leverage what they have in new ways to make money. I don’t want to be that future administration’s leverage.

Another, very important reason is that it will be really cool! I want to see Ubuntu become a viable alternative to what exists already, and look forward to all advances and experience that will move all around the Linux ecosystem from having a solid Debian based OS being transformed into a solid mobile platform.

Bring it on!

p.s. I also want to port CEPL to OpenGl ES and get lisping on this thing!

Published: October 28 2012

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