Compiler bugs

Given this gpu struct:

(defstruct-g material ()
  (additive-color :vec3 :accessor additive-color)
  (diffuse-color :vec3 :accessor diffuse-color)
  (specular-color :vec3 :accessor specular-color)
  (specular-exponent :float :accessor specular-exponent)
  (background-ammount :float :accessor background-ammount))

Only the call the #'yy breaks

(varjo::defshader marg ((y material))
  (labels ((xx () (additive-color y))
	   (yy ((x material)) (additive-color x)))
	(additive-color y) ;; this works
	(xx) ;; so does this
	(yy y)) ;; but this doesnt
  (v! 0 0 0 0))


In real news I’m catching a good few bugs in varjo today. Can’t wait to squash this one though :p

Published: November 01 2015

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