First day of November, first day of my first NanoWriMo. Traditionally this is a challenge to write a 50000 word novel in a month but I’m going to be coding along with this instead. As word/line counts are pointless in code I’m going to try do some significant work on cepl.

I’m going to aim to make a space-graph (analogous to a scenegraph) I’ll be writing this up as I go so Ι won’t burden this post with it.

Today however Ι am bug hunting by taking a rather nice shader called backscatter from shadertoy and remaking it in cepl. It was written by a good friend who tells me it’s too slow, which may be fair but it is also clearly written and pretty enough to be motivating.

writing it has already let me find a few bugs, including one in Varjo’s structs so I am off to fix that now :)

Published: November 01 2015

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