Swing and a miss

So this last weekend I worked on PBR again as there was a wonderful new tutorial out. The good news is that it cleared up a lot of points of confusion for me. The bad news is my version is still incorrect :(

I have been through every damn line of glsl to make sure that the PBR implementation itself matched the tutorial..which leaves the major possibility that it was something else all along; that some part of the deferred pass is incorrect.

It would explain a lot but also be crazy annoying.

The other possibility of course is that my implementation of PBR doesn’t match the tutorial but Im having an increasingly hard time believing that.

Other than that, streaming is going well and I am doing another one tonight, being forced to learn something well enough to explain it is good stuff.

Anyhoo, that’s this week, hopefully next time it will be better news :D


Published: June 14 2017

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