I’ve been slogging through some really boring stuff these last few days. Boring but necessary.

People have been asking for a stream on using Varjo and so that’s what I’m doing tomorrow. However I’ve been more and more bothered by the fact I would do this stream and, within a month, it would be obsolete as knew I wanted to change how things were structured. This really meant I had to bite the bullet and get it done.

It’s done now but these changes affected every project I work on so naturally testing took some time. The good news is that all of these changes are in the release branches for the various projects and so will ship with the next quicklisp cycle.

Next up was documentation for CEPL. I’ve been shipping a bunch of new goodness recently so plenty of things either needed documenting or tweaking. Also the documentation generator I use now supports markdown so I went through everything reformatting and editing things.. that was terrifically boring..I finished that around 4am on Sunday. You can find the result here

Then I was informed by the lovely quicklisp folks that a couple of my libraries werent building..damn. I hadnt tested those in the rush of everything else. That took an hour to fix but it’s good now.

I also wrote the documentation for my cl-soil wrapper library (MORE BORING!) which can be found here

Making good product is hard man, I had a 3 day weekend and feel tired and a bit grumpy (oh poor me <tiny violin> :p) but at least tomorrows stream will make sense.


I may have worked out how to have &rest arguments (varargs in other languages) in Vari so I may try and hack that in tonight..which means more testing :D I’m a glutton for punishment.

There were also some other fixes this week but not interesting enough to be worth writing about now.

Until next week, Ciao.

Published: June 06 2017

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