TaleSpire Dev Daily 37

I started out the day with 65 tickets, I closed 8, so now I have 66 tickets. Yay programming :D

Just to be clear, this is just due to filing thing as I came upon them rather than breaking more things. So yup, it’s been a good day.

I’m not sure how interesting tickets like these are to anyone, but it’s stuff like:

  • adding ‘delete board’
  • session keep-alive
  • fixes for silly ux things (focusing on the piece every time you pick it up)
  • staying in ‘cutscene mode’ (to stop players moving pieces) until a Gm has joined the session

.. and even more specific stuff.

It’s all stuff that obviously needed doing they are all low risk tickets so they got left until more of the major system had been worked out.

Right time to go see some mates,

Seeya all!

Published: November 20 2018

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