TaleSpire Dev Daily 38

Today went pretty well. I mainly focused on adding invite codes for campaigns. This simply gives you a shortcode that your friends can paste into TaleSpire to join your otherwise hidden campaign.

We will add other ways of doing this post alpha but to start with this will be how it works. It makes it quite easy to drop the code into your discord chat and have everyone join pretty quickly. It also avoids that thing skype has where they allow everyone to query all other users by name when adding a contact.. gross.

We are pretty adamant about not being like social platforms which try to push events in your face in order to drive ‘engagement’, so whatever we add to this in future will need to maintain the goal of keeping TS polite.

Other that the above as miscellaneous fixes, I also went through the code base filing tickets for every todo I had so now I hope I have a slightly more complete view of what I need to do for the alpha release.

Until tomorrow, peace.

Published: November 21 2018

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