TaleSpire Dev Log 88

Heya folks, thanks for stopping by again.

Today was fairly productive:

  • Fixed a bug where lit torches from hidden floors would be visible on load
  • Fixed bug where picking an asset from the panel which was a member of a group would instead pick the first asset from the group
  • Added a community requested feature where holding tab shows the names of the creatures

The ui layer currently showing the creatures names is going to be greatly expanded on in future for GM tools. Being able to reveal GM only assets, chests containing pre-prepared assets, GM notes etc. That’s gonna be fun.

@Ree has been working on a variety of things including the animation overhaul mentioned recently. A bunch of features will be possible with that for example more emotes, spell effects and death/ko states. Gah, cant wait.. it’s gonna be awesome when we all get to be on this full time.

There’s other stuff in the works of course, keep and eye out for another alpha update soon.



p.s. Almost forgot. We now have a site to check if you have been sent an invite key. Check it out here: http://keys.talespire.com/

Published: March 30 2019

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