TaleSpire Dev Log 94

Yay it’s good to be back to dev logs again. Today I prototyped the default board feature. This lets you pick the board that players automatically join when they join the campaign. It doesn’t make for an exciting gif but here it is anyway! WARNING: CODER GRAPHICS, NOT FINAL LOOK :p

default board

I’ve also been doing a bit of a survey of the game as it stands today and looking at what the data in our system looks like. We are going to need to make things faster whilst also making boards much bigger so now is a good time to be seeing what patterns have appeared and what could be changed to be able to leverage your PC more effectively. This is all pretty arm wavy but I expect I’ll do a brain dump on this sometime this week as many features we are (slowly) working on like large boards, new floor system and the new fog of war all depend on what we decide here.

Tomorrow I’ll also be fixing up the ‘percentage’ dice and trying to hunt down what has been causing the atmosphere sync issues folks have been seeing.

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Published: April 09 2019

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