TaleSpire Dev Log 123

Day two of the dev planning and again things went well. The main job today was going back through the task lists and working out which ones would be dependent on which. This is important so we don’t get blocked by each other and that, for the cases where the is a dependency, there will be work the blocked person can be doing.

We wont be putting out these orders as they will change and we’d like to keep things flexible.

Following on from yesterdays work I also got the backend running fully without and internet connection so I’m hoping that with a little more work I can point Unity at my laptop and run the whole TaleSpire stack locally. This will be a big win for iteration time when developing the backend.

Lastly and most prettily @Dwarf has made an awesome looking Kobold which we will be seeing in game shots of in the near future.


That’s all for today,


Published: August 13 2019

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