TaleSpire Dev Log 124

It’s been a nice day today, both @Ree and I got some coding done. Here are a few highlights:

  • Dice feel regressed a while back and Ree got that fixed back up again.

  • He also updated the implementation of the radial menus which we hope has fixed the issues with some stats not showing. I tested this but we had never been able to get a reliable reproduction of the issue so we will see how this fix holds up in the wild.

  • I found a interesting default behavior in the networking library we used which was resulting in huge hangs when updating certain player information. Once found the fix was trivial.

  • We have enabled Unity’s incremental garbage collector to smooth over another GC spike we were seeing. It’s very much a band-aid but it’s a nice one for the alpha before we get to addressing the core issues behind the allocations.

More news and an update to the alpha in the near future.


Published: August 15 2019

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