TaleSpire Dev Log 125

Whyyyyy, WHY did I say on discord that the next alpha update would be ‘soon’? It angered the demo-gods and we’ve been dealing with an asset-loading problem ever since.

That issue has now been fixed and I feel like we know when that update will be landing. However I am not evening hinting at when that could be given what wrath that might incur.

We have also been moving our assets out of Unity Collab. We have been using Collab for a while but there are aspects to it that make it painful for teams and there has been no sign that it will improve. For now we are using Git LFS which is what we have been using for the game itself for over a year. Git LFS, once set up, it’s been pretty good to us so far.

The money from the Kickstarter has landed and @Ree has been busy working on the business side of things. We are looking forward to both being able to say we are officially hired by Bouncyrock and also to give more little bits of info regarding what happens to money after you make your pledge.

I (Baggers) have just got back from a long weekend with family in the west of Norway. The last year and a half has been a lot of work so it’s really nice to be seeing folks again.

More news as it happens!

Published: August 28 2019

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